“I ended up marrying the man that I wrote about in my “man belief plan” that I worked with Sy on. The “dream man” does exist! I’m excited about life and all of the things it’s been offering.” Payal

“My dating fears have calmed down! For the first time, I’m going out on more dates than I have in my entire life and I’m doing it with more ease than ever before. I’m learning to let go of the wrong guys more easily and make space for the right sort of guys! ”-Namita

“I've learned to own my self-worth. I don't accept anything less than what I deserve anymore. Asking for what I needed used to be hard, but I learned that I can do hard things and I freaking deserve it. Now I'm dating an amazing guy and even asked for a raise & promotion, which I got! ”- Lindsey


I started with Sy to get help in leaving a very draining relationship. I didn't expect the transformation that took place or even how much extra baggage there was. She was a coach that got things done and didn’t let me go down the just talking about things route. Sy helped me learn to set boundaries, release guilt and shame, listen to my own intuition, navigate my relationship with my mom, my career, thoughts on money and motherhood, all while giving me the strength and tools to navigate starting a divorce with a person who I let have a hold over my own thoughts. You taught me to not be a victim to my circumstances, take care of myself and be unapologetic and proud for it, and for that I know I will be the best version of myself for my son. You taught me that my divorce is a blessing and a gift on the journey to becoming my best self! Love you Sy,  thank you for everything.” -Ro


"Before working with Sy, my life was confusing. I had many ups and downs, but mostly I kept relieving my breakup and trying to find an answer for everything. After a few sessions, I noticed this incredible, almost like a magical change within me and everything around me. Our work together was so impactful that I said to her “this is better than therapy!” Seriously! Now, I feel like a completely different person. First of all, I absolutely love myself. I take care of myself, put myself first, do what makes ME happy and I’ve set goals, goals that I put aside for years!⁠ I don’t question my divorce, I think it’s a blessing not to be with a toxic person that brings you down. I don’t feel ashamed for saying that I’m divorced, I embrace it. Why? because I keep myself going! I’m not sitting, crying, feeling horrible for myself. ⁠I’ve picked myself up and I’m working towards my dreams and goals."-Denise


“Before working with Sy, I felt a lot of guilt and shame, to the extent, I would hide the fact that I am getting divorced from so many people. Her tools and techniques have helped me see how important mindset is in maintaining a balance of not blaming myself or feeling guilty yet taking accountability and not falling into victim mode. I now see my divorce as a blessing! It is the impetus that has transformed my mindset and is something that is leading to a transformation of my entire life, work, and relationships with family, and friends. Once you do the WORK, it will be all worth it, and you will not regret the investment in yourself.” -Asumini

“I can tell you about all of the things you would want to hear about a coach that would guide you through such a painful time; she is smart, kind, compassionate, supportive, a beacon of light AND MORE. But the greatest gift I experienced in our time working together was her ability to see clearly, think practically, and be the voice of reason when I could not. She helped me show those negative voices in my head the door and rewrite the toxic stories I was telling myself. She held a very real and safe space for you to navigate through a time where you can expect the unexpected. If you are looking for someone to help you both emotionally AND practically throughout such painful and transformational time, Sy is your girl.” - Susan 

"She really helped me to pay more closer attention to my thoughts and how it effects my daily life. She also guided me to think about my life goals which I never really took the time to do and dream. This has been a very inspiring experience and she has been a phenomenal coach. I highly recommend anyone who wants to make life transformations, increase your confidence in living life to your terms to reach out and schedule time with her!" - Sandhya