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Weekly episodes empowering you with topics from elevating your dating skills to boosting your self-confidence, breaking your toxic dating patterns, and avoiding the most commonĀ dating app mistakes to creating healthy relationshipsĀ and everything in between.

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Start with these fan favoriteĀ episodes:

šŸŽ§ 19 min listen

Episode 82: What is Feminine Energy & why does it matter?

šŸŽ§ 30 min listen

Episode 81:Ā How toĀ stop sabotaging your relationships

šŸŽ§Ā 23 min listen

Episode 80:Ā How to start your dating journey

šŸŽ§Ā 29 min listen

Episode 79:Ā Stop attracting unavailable men (Encore)

šŸŽ§Ā 23 min listen

Episode 78:Ā How to Heal and Process a Breakup

šŸŽ§Ā 20 min listen

Episode 76: Nine Questions to Figure Out if Your Date Has PotentialĀ 

šŸŽ§Ā 57 min listen

Episode 75:Ā Dating Advice for Single Women from a Men's Relationship Coach

šŸŽ§Ā 25 min listen

Episode 69:Ā Things That Are Not Important in Dating

šŸŽ§Ā 29 min listen

Episode 66:Ā 10 Lessons From a FormerĀ DivorcĆ©e

MeetĀ your host

Hi, I'm Syeda Neary.

I go by Sy and I'm your dating fairy godmother.

I'm aĀ certified lifeĀ & relationship coach and have a background in psychology. I use my understanding of the human mind & male attraction psychology, my passion for deepened self-worth, andĀ practice of feminine energy embodiment, to help high achieving, boss babe women like you, be successful in dating and find their person.Ā 

My mission is to help you take the confusion out of dating,Ā break your toxic dating patterns, and give you tools to connect with men as your most authentic self so that you can finally find YOUR person.Ā