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dating advice podcast polarity Mar 05, 2024

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Let's face it - dating can be super frustrating and trying to understand men very much feels like they're from another planet.

You know you deeply desire a relationship with a healthy masculine man, someone who has their life & priorities together and is DONE playing games. You've resorted to Google and searched for "what men want" only to be discouraged even more because the advice made zero sense.

If you're in this season of life where you're feeling uncertain about the possibility and probability of a healthy relationship and attracting a normal guy - because you don't know what "men want", I'm going to change that for you right now.

On this week's episode of the Dating Done Right podcast, I'm bringing on Ari Cohen, a masculinity & relationship coach for men.

Ari has helped dozens of men understand their authentic, masculine nature, date happily and win the hearts of their dream ladies with his signature program “The Modern Masculinity Club”. His unique approach to self-development and relationships allows men to understand themselves and women on a deeper level and create a transformation, not a quick fix.

On this episode, you'll learn:

  • What is the integrated masculine man and what is he looking for in his ideal woman
  • Misconceptions about the masculine and feminine energies
  • The "boss babe' pandemic and the conditioning of men in 2024
  • How to ignite a man's natural biology and get him to pursue you.

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The love & relationship you desire IS possible. You deserve to be fiercely loved and deeply adored.

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